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Jan 21, 2013 12:00am PST
. i have a possible 2016 contender. the problem being he was born in canada. >> the cliche that young people are liberal and ultra conservative is wrong. but it is true now. and that highlights the challenge. what they need to do is figure out a way to go make a kind of small government market economy-based case to young people, without turning them off. chris: could the cheap investment be a younger candidate like rubio? >> i don't think so. chris: when we come back, the second obama nomination, is it as significant as his first? chris: welcome back. this week's big question, is the second obama inauguration as significant as the first? joe klein? >> it's more significant for republicans because they now know they are a minority party. but we won't have 2 million people in the mall tomorrow. >> fewer people. but if he hadn't been re-elected it would have been very significant that the first black president was only a one-termer. so the fact he's re-elected is important. >> big deal. i think it's bigger. people are still as enthusiastic as they were four years ago. they're going to be
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
cliche actress/waitress/dog walker, you know, all of it. i was very lonely. i was very hungry. i was eating mcdonald's like $2 specials every day. and i thought, oh, my god, i think i made a serious mistake, even though i loved what i was doing. i was confused and my mother, who is a very gifted astrologier, did my chart and she was saying if you can hold out and if you can keep your will, everything is going to change in your favor. and long story short, it did. and in a very small period of time, i got an agent and i did a play and a movie. though i wasn't making any money, it really brought me to realize that i was in the right path. >> you've been rewarded now with the success of this show. we saw some of the problems you have at home. now apparently this season things get even more interesting at work with a bit of a love triangle, is that right? >> yes. there's a love triangle. it's at work. it's at home. and it's something that i think the audience really -- there's a lot of team nico and team matt, which i love. i like old school love triangles. it's a classic thing that audi
Jan 2, 2013 12:35am PST
the last 40 or so years >> you know, it's so cliche. it always has something to do with children when i realize that my first daughter actually loved me and that that meant i wanted her to live in my house >> what happened when she looked at you in what was the moment? >> she just looked at me and she went, like it was so raw that i appreciated that >> can i say something goofy and fan-like you look awesome you look -- >> thank you >> i'm so honored to have had you here on the stoop. >> after the break we have a gossip girl and a geek girl. both cover girls >> i think it is important to show to women that you can be smart and funny. >> nobody said smart it was funny and hot >> right >> i have no plans, particular plans or anything. i don't really know what i'm going to do with my life so that's exciting. >>> olivia truly has it all. beauty, brains and boy, is she funny. how did she figure it all out? we'll let her tell you and i'll try to get off without breaking my neck. >> here's olivia, already trying to steal the spotlight i am olivia munn i'm a thespian and an avid tea drinker. >
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)